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Astrid Oldekop

Master's degree (Magister Artium), German and Romance Studies at Albert–Ludwigs-University, Freiburg
Chinese language studies at People’s university Beijing, China

Journalist Training (Volontariat) at Heidenheimer Zeitung / Südwestpresse
Political editor, Berliner Morgenpost
IJP scholarship: France as well as China: China Daily
(first foreign journalist), Beijing TV

Founder and managing director MediaPoint Dusseldorf | Beijing
Editor and reporter 'Das Handelsblatt', Dusseldorf
Deutsche Telekom: communications officer, planning and realization of international events (i. a. Tour de France / football world cup)

Presenter, journalist, consultant, author
Emphases economy, Asia, career

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 Astrid Oldekop


German, English (fluent), French (fluent), Chinese (fluent)

Moderation Styles

Program Panel discussion Product presentation
News Meetings/Conferences Workshop
Interview/s Gala/Anniversary Serious


Sustainability Information technology (IT) Ethics/Philosophy/Human rights
Economy Medicine/Pharma Chemicals/Plastics
Logistic/transport Environment/Energy Banking
Education Technology Automobile/Traffic
Journalism Tourism Politics
Society health-/social care Media
Culture/Art/Film/Music Science


Text Media training Concept
Coaching personal lecture topics

Target group

VIPs regional Employees Men
Women Key accounts VIPs international
Top management Merchants Politics
Associations Press Expert audience
29 – 49 49 +