Maxi Sarwas

Study of german language and literature, romance studies and art history, University Cologne. Abroad studies at Università degli Studi di Salernoii, Italy

Editorial Internship at VIVA Media AG / Radio Berg / Radio Cologne / Kölner Stadtanzeiger / Heimatfernsehen, Cologne 

Reporter and presenter University Radio Cologne campus / Radio Cologne 107,1 Internship in the editorial department deutscher Hörfunkakademie, Storytelling (english), workshop in Television broadcasting / advanced course, Akademie Der Bayerischen Presse, continuous further training in Business English

Television presenter (RTL interactive as well as center.tv9, compilation (RED BULL, prefential motor sports), as well as radio, Presenter of fairs, events, galas and roeadshows

 Maxi Sarwas


German, English (fluent), Italian (fluent), French (basic skills)

Moderation Styles

Business-/IP-TV Fair/Exhibition Gala/Anniversary
Interview/s Product presentation Program
Show/Entertainment Games Infotainment


Sports Lifestyle Media
Automobile/Traffic Technology Electronics


Text Teleprompter Currently on Air (TV/radio)

Target group

Women Men Employees
Children Teenager End user
Expert audience 29 – 49 49 +