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Ranga Yogeshwar

Music apprenticeship, conservatory city of Luxemburg (Piano)
Studies of experimental physics, technical university Aachen
Degree: diploma physicist 
Research project at swiss institute for nuclear research, CERN, research center Jülich
Residence in India (seminars / conferences)

Journalistical work for print media, radio and television
Science editor at WDR
Compilation and moderation of numerous programs 
Since 2008 freelance journalist

Publisher and author of columns, professional articles and publishments in the sectors physics, information technology and media 

Moderation on TV (i. a. ARD) as well as congresses, panel discussions,
lectures (domestic and foreign country) and discussion management

 Ranga Yogeshwar


German, English (fluent), French (fluent), Luxembourgish (fluent)

Moderation Styles

Panel discussion Meetings/Conferences Interview/s
Infotainment Show/Entertainment


Science Society Education
Environment/Energy Nutrition Sustainability
Technology Journalism Culture/Art/Film/Music
Information technology (IT)


personal lecture topics Currently on Air (TV/radio) Teleprompter

Target group

Women Men Employees
VIPs regional Children Key accounts
VIPs international Teenager Top management
Merchants Politics End user
Associations Press Expert audience
29 – 49 49 +